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12:15:35 PM

I just wanted to say thank you to Mel and everyone on the site for all the knowledge and hope you offer.

After laundering our sheets with 10-14 drops MMS last night I am oh so happy to report a virtually crawly-free night for baby and me! I had been spending a fortune washing everything over and over with very little improvement, had tried everything (professional cleaning, ammonia, bleach, oxyclean, essential oils, baking soda, borax, prayer and blessings, doing energy work on name it, I was oh so desperate!). I do believe in the power of prayer and intention so I will keep that going, but to have a tool (MMS) that finally does the trick is oh so wonderful!!!!

I am so excited to wash everything we own in MMS today. I never thought the day would come when I'd actually be looking forward to doing laundry, lol! This experience is transformative, to say the least.

I'm sure there is info hidden somewhere in these posts regarding this question, but as I havent found it yet, I will ask...

I was wondering if anyone has found that certain types of materials (ie cotton, polyester, fleece, rayon, bammboo) are better at not holding this stuff or easier to get it out. I have always bought all natural fibers. but prior to the mms, it seemed cotton hung on to this crap worse than anything. Also, the real fuzzy polyester based fleece blankets that my family keeps buying my baby seem to be THE WORST at holding onto it. Even after washing with the MMS, the nasty lint stuff sticks all over them. I'm really thinking they are not the kind of blankets to use under the circumstances. so, please let me know what materials anyone has found are best - easily washed and dont hold onto the yuckies! I need to buy the baby new blankets.

Thank you in advance and blessing to you all! : )

2:06:53 PM

Hmmm interesting, thank you! Anyone else have insight on how long the MMS-laundering is necessary? Lifelong, 1.5 years, until you're cured?
Of course I am way too scared to test it.

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