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9:54:00 PM

Dear Suzanne,

It may be very difficult for others to understand or believe that this condition exists, yet we all have witnessed it first hand in one form or another.
So take heart you have a support group right here! At least until one is found in Fla or you create one.

5:23:10 PM

Thank Mel .. it was great hearing from you. I actually feel quite isolated, and was wondering if we could develop support groups around the country for this disease, all could make friends this way.
I have stopped dating because of this disease, be/c no one understands, or they will run away when they find out. I was engaged, my fiance broke up with me be/c of this disease. . and that is what he said when he left, 'the morgellons were the reason'. he said 'because there is no cure'. In fact, he and his mom were the ones who discovered it. She helped me for awhile from a distance. Anyway, it would be nice to have 'morgies' cook-outs, talk groups, being there for each other amongst ourselves. I also go to church, and the church doesnt believe it either . .I think we need to reach out to each other amongst ourselves. If we realize we are not the only one, its not so bad. . for those of us who do not have family, we need each other. Who are Mae and Mary Beth, are those your family? Any way, let me know your thoughts. Susanne

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