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Kim J
6:02:54 PM

Hi Everyone

I was not on the medicine part of the protocol in Feb. My cat had two urinary partial blockages and my car needed repairs.What a difference!I started back up today and I went from nothing pouring out of my skin to being bothered by so much pouring out,only after 830 am supps. I am up to 11 drops mms.It's starting to taste strong!

Diet was Rocky in Feb.I slipped on a diet Pepsi an organic brownie A large cookie 3 cookies at work spread throughout the entire month.I did not have reactions but the guilt was hard for me.

I reconnected with my family. My mother is finally admitting I was sick in a very indirect way because she recently told me I look one hundred times better.When my boyfriend called her to say happy birthday today she apparently told him I look great, that I'm doing this all on my own,and that my mind is better too!I still have a long way to go.

I had blood drawn. My liver and kidneys are in perfect numbers.I did show semi high cholesterol and slight anemia, chronic low D3.I've added D3 to my protocol in the am after talking and ordering it through John.I'm going with Peters advice to eat leafy greens to help with the anemia.Black seed oil is a godsend-I usually take that with my meals to get more fatty acids.I love coconut oil too!

That's it for me today.I'm making my Mom almond butter cookies for her birthday!!!!!

Love and light


7:17:52 PM

Hello Kim

You're a warrior Kimmie! You overcame a difficult time adjusting and now you are back on course. Good job!

Strength and Love,

7:12:37 PM

Heya, Kimmie!

Hang in there! Writing seems to help me when I get into a funk.

Looking forward to hearing about your test results. Let me know if you need anything!

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