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Success for my toddler on the protocol

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6:06:54 PM

Hello Tina,

No you are not Crazy!! You have come to the right

place. Please join us on our conference call Friday

nights, You can ask question and find out what

should be your next step. Also order the protocol

Mel recommends on this site. It will get you and

your family feeling better. And as for the ones

that don't believe you, try not to focus on that, I

know it is hard to do. I also have a family that

dosen't understand what is going on with me, it is

so hard. But you need to get you and those babies

healed. Contact Mel, He will get back with you.

Love always, Paula

8:31:12 AM

I am reading on this Website for my first time. I have been trying to figure out what has been coming out of my 1 month old daughter and my one year old daughter as well as myself.

Everybody thought I was crazy, laughed at me, even my boyfriend the children's father told me I was crazy.
That I was on drugs and seeing things!

I am bawling my eyes out. Now I finally know what is wrong with us and it don't look like it's going to be an easy road to take.

Please what do I need to do?
Help Me

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