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3:13:35 PM

Hiya Deb2,

Welcome as always:

Thank you so much for this question. As you might have noticed every time I see a new post about crystals I move my 'Do No Harm Post' right on top of the new post about crystals.

That is because I have always felt that someone was going to hurt themselves by accident.

You might have also noticed that Mr. Common Sense has made two posts in the last 24 hours on our forum.

Mr Common Sense has warned everyone to please be careful when using crystals.

Pam has informed me that she is removing the information about the crystals from her forum,because she is also in fear that one of you might hurt yourself.

I have never made a comment about crystals because I did not have the problem that so many of you do.

I do not recommend nor do I suggest one way or the other in the use of this product.

I do not recommend Crystals, because when one is very ill it is hard to comprehend instructions.

I love you all and don't want to lose anyone!

God Bless you all,

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