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Swimming in Ocean or Brackish water

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10:28:27 AM

Hello Skye and Welcome,

I was raised on a island when I was very young, I have always loved the ocean.

I believe that you should try swimming early in the day while it is still cool.

No hot water and no sweating.

Because everybody body is different try this one morning and see how you feel for the next couple of days. If no negative reaction then try again, always remember slow and steady.

First thing I recommend you do IS print our FAQ'S !!

Then find the thread more communication is better and start listening to the coffee tea with me conference calls, they have great information for new folks and should wet your appetite to read read and read some more.

Come to these calls meet others like yourself, talk with others who DO understand what your going through and can help you restore your health.

These calls, Help Lose the fear, understand what it will take to restore your health, from many who have!

You make new acquaintances who can instill HOPE!

That's it for now, hope this helps a little.
I look forward to talking with you soon.

God bless, those who do not give up HOPE, get well


10:06:48 AM

Hello Skye,

I would like to welcome you here.

Not sure about Ocean water, but it might be a good thing.

Read more of this website and i know it will be helpful to you.

I am still learning!

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