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Swimming in Ocean or Brackish water

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10:28:27 AM

Hello Skye and Welcome,

I was raised on a island when I was very young, I have always loved the ocean.

I believe that you should try swimming early in the day while it is still cool.

No hot water and no sweating.

Because everybody body is different try this one morning and see how you feel for the next couple of days. If no negative reaction then try again, always remember slow and steady.

First thing I recommend you do IS print our FAQ'S !!

Then find the thread more communication is better and start listening to the coffee tea with me conference calls, they have great information for new folks and should wet your appetite to read read and read some more.

Come to these calls meet others like yourself, talk with others who DO understand what your going through and can help you restore your health.

These calls, Help Lose the fear, understand what it will take to restore your health, from many who have!

You make new acquaintances who can instill HOPE!

That's it for now, hope this helps a little.
I look forward to talking with you soon.

God bless, those who do not give up HOPE, get well


10:06:48 AM

Hello Skye,

I would like to welcome you here.

Not sure about Ocean water, but it might be a good thing.

Read more of this website and i know it will be helpful to you.

I am still learning!

10:05:28 AM

Hi Skye,

lovely name, reminds of the vast spaciousness of the sky above undisturbed by all that passes through it. May that be your inheritance some day!

I can only share what my experience has been after dealing with MD for 14 months. I learned early on that moisture and heat set off all the skin reactions and so I avoided that as much as possible, including not showering for up to two weeks at a time. Sounds so foreign to all we have learned but it helped me. I also sprayed down with 91% alcohol after a shower to dry the skin thoroughly. Some people have found that bath soaks with Epsom salt and or baking soda helpful but not for me.

Nothing really helped for long, but I can say this that having discovered this site and starting the complete protocol just 3 weeks ago I have seen positive improvement. The best results are coming from using MMS as a body spray and Kleen Green too. I am taking the Logos supplements, but it will take a while to change my bio-terrain. My best advice would be to start this asap. If this started in May, you are catching it early and could very well get well in a shorter period of time. Meanwhile learn all you can from this site and the people on it.

All the best to you! Peace & Love,


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