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5:30:24 PM

Hello Warriors

Partnership and coaching is becoming a big part in many of the stories you’ll read in this forum. Under the guidance, oversight, and orchestration of Mel, our community members are becoming exceptionally good at building creative relationships with others.
The many contributions of John B. further help to expand their reach.

A lack of resources will never become an excuse for inaction here, and creative thinking will continue to set us all apart and define us as the great community of special souls that we have become!

Despite all of the challenges of our disease and this protocol, it would be all too easy to focus only on what’s gone wrong or what threatens us. Yet we continue to keep our eyes on the many ways community members here can, and are, quietly building their own “productive capacity” to help the next couple of generations of afflicted get the most out of recovery and Mel's protocol. GOD BLESS YOU ALL FOR THIS!!!


6:01:11 PM

I just want to send an extra thank you to the foundation and all of you who contribute!!!

As some of you know I am a single mom and I have not been able to work these past few years. By No means could I do this on my own... I've been living off of a small child support payment I receive monthly & food stamps. With the help we have received and continue to receive, Tyler & I are getting soo much better!! Tyler is 7 and has been affected with Morgellons for over 2 yrs. Myself over 3yrs. He & I were suffering so badly before we found the site & the support of the foundation! He is at the point now where he only has minor symptoms, limited purging on his elbows, & a purple spot on his upper arm and one on his forearm. I have improved tremendously, but still have a ways to go .. I have a spot on my chest that continues to purge debris & fungal hairs, but the activity in my body is almost completely gone with the exception of the full moon enhancing sensations at times. I feel everyday w/ the protocol we are improving!!

With Mel having his accident & not being able to donate to the foundation the way he has in the past I admit I have been afraid of what would happen to us... I have NO family or friends who will believe me, let alone help me! I was really scared he wasn't going to be able to send it out this month .. Then I turned my fear over to God , FAITH it's amazing stuff! I just got an invoice sent by email for my protocol.. It's on it's way!!!!!!:))))

I pray In absolute knowing that God will continue to provide for Tyler & I:) Thank you All for helping me & my little boy!!! As a mom to not be able to provide for your children is just too much, to overwhelming especially when the result of your inability to provide will mean your child will suffer. You ALL are truly my angels!!! I've said it before... I love you, I don't know you but I love you!!!

I pray that those who have the ability to donate do.. It's not just me & my little boy that are being helped.. Mel is helping sooo many of us! I know he want's to help everyone in need and can't always ... It is my greatest wish for everyone to get well, regardless of their financial means!! I pray in faith, knowing that even though Mel can not contribute the way he has in the past the recourses will come. Those who can step up will, I affirm this in faith! This disease is expensive to cure for those who have decent finances.. I was not prepared for this and I know soo many of us were not either. I pray for those of you in similar financial situation to mine, keep in Faith ... Affirm that God will provide .. I thank the foundation but I know It's God! :)

My Love to YOU all!

Keep in FAITH!

You all are amazing warriors... As my Boston Angel says.... Never Give Up Hope!!!

There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Yours In Spirit,

8:52:58 PM

This is the most helpful, up-to-date, and generous foundation I know. I had to leave work 2 years ago because of this illness and no one wanted to hear why or help.

I am a 64 y/o lady who wants you to know you do not need to doubt or fear the protocol. It has been tested and many users have gotten well. Go slow, read the 5 reasons for failure, make the necessary changes in your diet (use the recipe guide), listen to the conferences, and read the blogs.

Please write down your question(s) and present them for peace of mind, body and soul.

God Loves all of us and He is knows our hearts.

We love you Mel and yes, we do.....

Love and a hug,


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