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11:08:46 AM

Hello Everyone,

Welcome as always!


God bless,Never give up HOPE!

10:07:08 AM

Hello Everyone,

Welcome as always.

This post concludes our three part series, "The Three Most Frequently Asked Questions", and is entitled "How Do I Find a Doctor"?

This is the most difficult question for me to personally respond to as I was blessed to have a prior long term (professional) relationship with my Primary Care Physician, Dr. Zamboni.

So, having gleaned some helpful information from from McBeth and PS, I will therefore move forward.

The first thing we suggest is that you steer clear of Dermatologists, as they are most likely to immediately label you DOP.

Secondly, I would not go in and say to a strange doctor "I have Morgellons". Self diagnosis is a red flag that only strengthens the case for a delusional diagnosis.

Thirdly, I would read and print everything from our Lab Testing Page to take to the doctor that you have selected.

Fourth, when in the office, I would present him with the printed material, ask him to read it, and simply say "Please help me." We have found recently that this approach has produced better results than others in the past.

We sure hope this helps a little.

God Bless You All,

Never, Never Give up Hope.


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