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11:24:49 PM

I have not yet started on MMS - thought it would be a magic bullet to this nightmare, but it sounds like it is not killing it for others? I lost 25 lbs. in one months time.

Would like to ask Mel if all is still clear in his home and body?

7:53:22 PM

Hi Robin,
there is definitely something about this disease that affects weight.....obvously I don't know what it is. I stopped everthing a couple of days ago, I got some diarrhea (not bad, but different than I had before). I felt like my body was trying to get rid of something. I have been on an anti-biotic, anti=fungal and anti-parasitic for 3 months so I feel like it is okay to go off it for a short time, because I have gotten so much better. I also stopped the wellness protocol. the only thing I am taking right now are the probiotics, because after seeing my test results, I KNOW I need them and feel they can't hurt.
I am trying to see if my weight improves being off this stuff. This is all a crap shoot, so when something changes with me, I stop and re evaluate.

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