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7:50:23 AM

Hello Anne,

I am from Sydney as well. I have left my email address with Mel. I believe that he will contact you as soon as he can.

I Look forward to hear from you.

10:33:26 AM

Hello Anne and welcome.

I have never used the sulfur soap myself, but many others have, including Mr. Common Sense, and all with positive comments. As far as removing particles from the skin, I cannot say for sure. Others will probably respond to this post and may shed more light on that issue.

I have had attempted to make phone contact with you as well as Ted C in the last week on more than one occasion. It is a bit challenging to make a connection with the time difference. I will try again this weekend.

In the meantime, I thought that all those in Australia might want to converse amongst themselves in order to encourage and support one another. All you have to do is email me permission to give the others within your country your email address.

We are continually seeking to identify Morgellons friendly doctors around the globe and will share with you any information that surfaces in Australia as it becomes available.

Welcome again Anne. Please keep us posted on your progress.

God Bless, Never give up Hope!


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