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6:29:56 PM

Thank you very much, PS.


5:03:46 PM


For your convenience I copied and pasted my post from the Thread titled MMS: A gentler approach.



4:52:55 PM
I decided to start MMS at a low dose due to previous experiences with Herxheimer Reactions from pharmaceuticals drugs. My Morgellons is complicated by Rheumatological conditions, allergies, and intolerances. Past experience with pharmaceutical drugs indicated that starting with a low dose and slowly working up would minimize the Herxheimer Reaction.

I decided to start at 1drop daily, a low dose for me at over 6 feet and 220lbs. I planned to stay at 1 drop daily for one week. On day three I had a very severe Herxheimer Reaction. I was able to quell the Herxheimer Reaction by taking 500mg of Vitamin C. Just like I'd read it would. I decided to continue with MMS but at a much lower dose, a 1/4drop daily. Even this low dose gave me a mild Herxheimer Reaction. Once again I used Vitamin C to stop the Herxheimer Reaction.

In 20 - 20 Hindsight: I would start at 1/4 drop daily working up by each week by 1/4 drop as tolerated. Always remembering Vitamin C will neutralize the MMS thus quelling the Herxheimer Reaction.


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