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6:20:42 PM

Hi KT,
Rash can come from detox, what you eat as well as how you react to this situation. I got a rash from any grain or I should say the rash reduced when I reduced grain. Took some time thou. I applied tea tree (few drops ) in mineral oil on my skin. The tea tree probably helped too. It felt better. It felt better for me to keep my skin moisted. Regarding the grain reduction I first went gluten free, but then learned I had to give up oat meal and brown rice as well to allow my body to heal. Also, you may want to add MMS mixture to your laundry. I use 20 drops in load. I think some folks applied apple cider vinegar to the rash as well as consume so use search engine to learn more about acv. Try few things slowly to monitor. Need to give yourself and body care. The mind, attitude, & emotions can cause issues too. So freak out times need to be short and limited. Your energy & focus needs to be on reading, doing, praying and healing. I found playing happy music helps if having hard time. I know sounds weird to listen to music when sick, well this illness is weird so have to think outside the box. Up beat music can keep you up beat and strong so try it.
Take Care,

1:14:57 PM

Does anyone have any suggestions dealing with rashes and hives at work? I've been getting rashes before I started on the protocol and still do on my second week of the protocol. I get them every day so I've been take antihistamine every day since I can't go to work breaking out. Any advice is appreciated.

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