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Welcome Natural Genesis (Kleen Green)

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9:32:50 AM

Hi Cathee

I wanted to wait before posting to allow others to share their personal experiences about how much Kleen Green helps them with the difficult issues they face.

Welcome to your extended family.

I have known you for over 4 years now. During that time I have seen you connect many people to our community and to the blessing of Mel,s protocol. I have seen you embrace the joy of two new grandchildren. I have seen you fight major health challenges. I have shared in celebrating the growth of your business and your ministry.

You have been a good friend to me and to this community. I would like to say "thank you" on behalf of us all. You are a blessing and a gift, and we love you!


7:17:49 AM

Hi Cathee,

I am sorry I have not been feeling well but plan on listening to your podcast soon. However, I have been using Kleen Green for many many months now and I am very grateful for this product. I just wanted to say that and give you encouragement to keep on making and distributing this product. It is wonderful to be able to have you available to ask questions we may have. :)

Grateful and thankful,

Ms. V
10:00:50 AM

Welcome, Cathee of Kleen Green!

I'm a little late posting my thanks, but Linn, Craig and Kelly are so right.

I started using only natural and/or bio-safe cleaners in our environment several years ago. Gradually, that evolved into making my own household cleaners and also relying on white vinegar, borax and baking soda. Kleen Green is the first cleaner I've purchased that I haven't made myself in years and it has been amazing!

Not only does it help so much with the early stages of this disease and as a maintenance household cleaner thereafter, we have 2 very active dogs and Kleen Green is wonderful for keeping them and their environment clean.

I'm very excited to hear you speak. Many thanks for this product and your work.

Ms. V.

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