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12:20:57 AM

Hi Lana,

I am glad that you started Mel's protocol. It will help you. I am almost without symptoms, although I have not have Bactrim in my regime. Apart from protocol, I also changed my diet. The most important is that I stop consuming sugar and alcohol. The only sugar I have, comes from fruit and vegetable. The only vinegar that I use is Apple Cider Vinegar. I have been living in Sydney for last 22 years, although my origin is Croatia. So I use in my cooking predominantly olive oil (or sometime Coconut oil). It is so nice to get someone from Ukraine. I wish you all the best , and I am sure you will feel better very soon.

11:59:43 PM

Hi Lana and welcome,

I live in Australia and we also have many sufferers of morgellons. The information I have found on this website is helping me to heal myself and my child. We are taking the Logos products, Molecular Silver & MMS too, with very good results.

I used to take Bactrim, but replaced it about 6 weeks ago with Olive Leaf Extract. I have found that my skin is actually better with the Olive Leaf Extract.

I look forward to your input and reading more posts from you.

God bless you

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