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7:30:26 PM

I can only say how I got it which was from a person who slept in my guest bed for 6 weeks. I used the bed and felt a sting that night. After that, it was only a week or two before I got a bunch of painless looking bites on me, followed by the needle sticks all over the body all day long. Then, 2 months passed before an actual 'spec' or 'granule' popped on top of (out of) my intact skin. I didn't start a lesion for another 5 months. You can't 'bring' it somewhere and infest the place. That takes time. I think you picked it up in that apt.

5:39:57 PM

Hi Joan, I have been involved in the apartment industry for many years. What I can tell you is this.
As long as you pay your rent your landlord should not be an issue. The only time you are permitted to withhold payment is if the place is not habitable.
If you are wondering if you can get out of your lease because you feel the apt. has caused you illness then different guidlines would work in your favor. If I can help please feel free to email me.
Good Luck & Better Health to you! Michele :-)

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