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What cause morgellon

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2:54:05 AM

Hi Vicky

The link below is to an article written by John Burgstiner that I consider to be the best way for anyone to better understand our disease. It will give you very useful information that is important for you to learn. I would encourage you to read it.


8:27:56 AM

Thanks for reply!

I have Lyme disease and now I noticed I show the symptoms of morgellon..scared to give my family .

10:01:23 AM

Hello Vicky!

I just wanted to let you know people are reading this!
I wanted to respond so you know we are reading.

I am not sure how to answer it completely though. I do know its a fungus, and yes I believe it is a bacteria also along with whatever else it might be.

I will encourage you to read this website top to bottom. It will answer all your questions!

Not sure if you are new to this website or not, but welcome.
I am fairly new myself.

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