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Rockin Robin

1:04:59 PM

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to recommend the diffuser that Tea recommended to me because I do love it so much!! It is so beautiful and so economical and Tea said hers has lasted forever and she really uses it a lot!!

It has a honeycomb pattern and changes colors with about 9/10 shades. I have come to love it!! It cost $14.99 and you can get it on Amazon. I use Amazon Prime and shipping is always free.

Guru Nanda Essential Oil Diffuser - 90 ml Honeycomb Aromatherapy Ultrasonic. Picture here as shown!! Hope you love it!!! Thank you Tea!!!

Rockin Robin

10:55:15 AM

Hey everyone and Happy Monday (ok Tuesday :) ),

Thanks Tea for the info. Just wanted to say that this lotion is available at Sprouts for $11.99.

I have been using another lotion, that I get at sprouts too. It's a 32oz bottle for $11.99. I buy the citrus scent (just cos I like it better than the others :) ). I don't use in my hair though, just on the skin.


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