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10:03:33 AM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

Oh baby, Little tea mea bought daddy a new set of clothes
and after a night of partying, we are chilling at the crib planning our next caper!

See you soon,

Oh, I forgot to mention we robbed the clothing store and blew it up!

10:08:53 AM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

Ah, free at last!

This morning when I entered the kitchen this picture confirmed my thoughts about Little Tea Mea.

There she was in all her glory, drinking her apple cider vinegar in true pirate tradition.

Oh my, what a girl,
Helps me break out of prison,
Likes explosions,
Drinks apple cider vinegar like a pirate.

What more can a guy asked for?

PS She taking me out to buy some new duds!

See ya soon,

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