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Mary W

1:02:28 AM
Enough already

Mel Mel Mel I know you didn't put that word sorry on the post.

Thank you for your understanding about that post. We do have good times in laughter and we do need it at times. I accept.

Mary W

10:17:20 PM
Sorry Mary

Hi All,

This thread was meant to welcome the newbies and for some reason it got twisted around with Mel's joke about the pie.
Your comments was funny and inspiring. I'll get you Mel!

I want to tell Nadine that she had found the right protocol when she found this community. Welcome to the concern family.

June you're doing just fine where you are now. Take it nice n slow.

Chrissy take care of yourself and Holly. I'm continuing Praying for you..

Yes, I know you're doing better because you post in the forum. Keep up the good work.

Mary W

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