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Rockin Robin

6:11:02 AM
Click on the picture to hear Kelly's journey

Dear Kelly,

I would also like to thank you for your post!

It encourages me to stick to it!!

Its wonderful your still here giving testimony, helping us with our journeys.

Thank you so.... much!!

Hugs, Robin

11:38:37 AM

Thank you, Kelly, for this post!

I am getting close to 18 months on the protocol and am VERY encouraged by your journey! It is a slow and steady process with great determination and dedication with HOPE to see us through it all!!

It is so wonderful to hear where you are today, Kelly,
WELL and LIVING LIFE with your family!

I believe that we will never view life the same after going through this, and I mean this tribulation and trial has become filled with blessings!

Again, thank you for encouraging each of us to stick to the sum of the parts and to NEVER EVER GIVE UP HOPE!

You, and so many others before us, are living proof that there IS LIFE after Morgellons!!

THANK YOU for taking the time to share and bring hope!

In His love, Tracy

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