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An Aussie Warrior's Journey - or How Mel's Coaching and the HICM Community gave me my life back

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8:51:34 AM

Morgellons -

Hey, John!

It was awesome to hear you in person last Saturday on the conference call!

I must say, I am really impressed with your progress!!! Although I have had some recent progress, I still have a ways to go and am approaching a year on the protocol.

I think you might very well break the healing record! Please keep us posted.

I, for one, truly respond to the encouragement that others are getting better, and since you are recovering at apparent light speed (!), please share some additional tips with the rest of us.

Thanks so much for going “public,” although I am sure Mel got after you with that hockey stick of his!

8:52:51 AM

Morgellons - By George, I believe he get's it!
By George, I believe he get's it!

John K.,

You made me shed a few tears tonight. Good tears, though.

After this dreadful—and I mean dreadful—full moon period, it made me feel somewhat deflated, even though I, too, have thrown myself full-throttle for the better part of a year into Mel’s site and the protocol. It was so helpful to see a post today, as I wait for some blood work to be posted later this evening (New England time!) that might suggest how my body is responding to all my hard work, that encouraged me to just persevere.

Thank you for telling your story. Part of the solution to this illness is the community that we find on Mel’s site. It probably saved me in more ways than I can possibly explain or even know. I hope you will post more often! And I will look forward to hopefully hearing your “Happy Dance” call!!!



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