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And...he's....OFF! Mel's big adventure continued.

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5:14:28 PM

Morgellons -

Hello Mel!!

I’m so excited for when you arrive safely and I can’t wait to hear about the trip!! Such a beautiful change of your surroundings from Reno to Tennessee, and fall is absolutely stunning there in colors!

Keeping you in my prayers.

holly and Chrissie
9:04:27 AM

Morgellons -

Dear Mel,

You looked very tired yesterday Mel ?

So I'm glad you will recuperate in the hotel before your journey to Tennessee

It's super cool another friend will drive your car and have his own road trip . I am So glad you declined the road trip that was not what you need !!

Ah it's been a tough tough couple of months for you ...hope you rest well soon before the exciting plane ride to the most wonderful house .

I'm very very happy you're doing this and I cannot wait till your chilling sitting on that deck looking at the river

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