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9:48:56 AM

Hello, everyone!

I have definitely noticed that reading the forum on my cell phone is SO much easier now!

What a great option, to be able to make a tax-free donation through the He Cures All Foundation
directly to Mel!
Hopefully, that will help stimulate donations as well as allow individuals to write off that donation at tax time.

It is definitely a “win win” situation for all!

Although I am not a newbie anymore, “The Newbie Special” sounds terrific, too! I wish it had been available a year and a half ago when I first came to Mel’s website. Twenty minutes with Mel will answer a lot of questions and alleviate many fears and concerns.

“The Newbie Special” will also allow you to determine if coaching is right for you.


9:42:10 AM

Good morning everyone and welcome,

As you see we have become easier to read on cell phones and all feedback has been positive.

Coffee Tea With Me is once again a weekly conference and attendance is already up a little.

Our conference calls the past two weeks (Robert Scott Bell and our 11th anniversary call), were two of the best ever and are a must listen if you missed them. They are chock full of great information and ton's of HOPE!!!

As announced in yesterdays BYOQ, I have shut down my gofundme account for a more beneficial option for those looking to donate directly to me. You now can donate to the He Cures All foundation by noting in the place for a message: "Personal donation for Mel as Creator and Executive Director." This is permissible, and you will now have the benefit of a tax deduction.

This is a win win for all.

Last but not least is the new coaching option being introduced next Friday or sooner. It will be called the "Newbie Special," which will be a one time 20 minute call for newbies who can use this call for any purpose as well as to determine if coaching is right for them.
The cost will be $30.00.

Anyone who wishes to purchase the "Newbie Special" now, just contact me and we will get you going!

That's all for now.
God bless,

If you don't give up HOPE, you will get better!

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