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3:27:59 PM

Hi Kelly

It's wonderful that you found this site years ago and regained your health due to the protocol and the, 'sum of the parts.'

I agree, this is a great community and website with a wealth of knowledge and experience in healing from toxic disease.

It is sooo important that sufferers read testimonials from people like yourself who have now healed :-).

Thanks for writing in with your words of wisdom, hope, inspiration and encouragement.

Best wishes,

11:55:45 AM
Video coming soon

Dear Kelly,

Thank you so much for giving us all an update on how things are for you now. I am so happy to read that you are well.

I have had a small return of symptoms which has been quite disappointing but as always Mel is very encouraging and motivating in turning things around again.

I went back to dairy (not realising how many carbs are in milk!) and didn't realise how many net carbs I was eating overall each day. I've followed Karen's advice on counting daily net carbs and this has been a big help getting my diet back in order. After a few months on this regime things are much better again.

Sending you lots of love Kelly and thanks again for the update.

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