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Appreciate what we have!

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10:37:47 AM

Morgellons - Appreciate what we have!

Thank you Nancy,

For the wonderful reminder of everything that’s almost always overlooked. This life we live can be such a big hurdle to jump because of this world. When we’re sick with all the physical & mental complications, were are simply tapped out! Thanks again for the reminder….

Chrissie, thank you so much for all the simple reminders we often forget. I hope we can all remember to appreciate our family, food and our homes, all provided by God, not to mention the HCAF and the work it’s providing within our community and around the world!


10:39:33 AM

Morgellons - Appreciate what we have!

Dear All,

I completely agree with Nancy and her title "Appreciate what we have" is absolutely spot on.

After six and a half years of suffering toxic disease alone and without the right treatment to help me, wow I know how important it is to be grateful for all that we have in this community!!

True this illness is an atrocious one ,it takes you down on your knees begging for help on many occasions .Many have said it's the hardest most painful thing they have ever endured .But as Nancy said, we have medicine to help us ,we have healthy food and drink. We have a community with wisdom and support to hold us up and guide us through. We are no longer alone in the darkness ,frightened and terrified.

No, because we have HOPE for renewal of our bodies and immunity and well being .

We also all have roofs over our heads ,clothes and a place that is ours to sleep in. Yes ,it's still a tough journey absolutely .But we are being given arm bands to help us swim even the roughest of tides:-).

We even have a free community prayer call every Sunday to help us spiritually as we go through this. The call is complete with fellowship and jokes afterwards .Newbies sometimes find it strange that we are laughing .But in times of difficulty our immunity and sanity really need that laughter :-).

We have the HCAF which miraculously helps people all over the globe to get the medicine they need to heal themselves .It's absolutely wonderful that this exists and we recipients are truly truly blessed to have it.

So yes ,tough as this journey is I think it is super important to remember every day the blessings we have been given.


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