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11:18:58 PM

Hello all.

I understand what you are saying!

After almost 6 years my husband is finally understanding a lot of it is from what Mel told me and a lot of prayers.

We are really in a tuff spot right now been over 4 months since he got laid off still no unemployment or job, but he is trying everyday we are trying hard to hang in there.

Then TMobil messed up my phone because they bought out Sprint, trouble with towers in our area going on 5 weeks. Miss Sat and Sunday calls now I can’t use my iPad much . No response from them!!

It is so great you are reaching to help the guys. But God hears them too, praying for all and glad I still can read post!

Blessing Joe
Rockin Robin

12:57:48 PM

Dear Joe,

Fantastic post!! It has been said that I write well and have a way with words. do too!! Always such great posts dear brother. Truly well said!!!!

In His Love,
Rockin Robin

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