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Donna M

9:04:25 AM

Hi Everyone,

As Mel said "Wow"! The Coffee,Tea and Me call on Saturday, January 26 was absolutely fantastic and inspiring! If you weren't able to join us, please listen to the recording when Mel makes it available.

We had our first ever auction to benefit the He Cures All Foundation, visits from a past warrior as well as some of the manufacturers and attendance MATCHED our highest attended call ever. So so many blessings to count - a successful auction, hearing from a past (cured) warrior and being a part of this wonderful community with Mel at the helm guided by our Lord!

I look at this as a sign of many more good things to come to our community. I think we may have more auctions /fund raising to benefit recipients of the foundation. I also hope we continue to have visits from past warriors as this is so encouraging to all of us. A big thank you to Ellen for starting this by donating her beautiful painting!

As always, I would like to thank the manufacturers, especially Cathee from Natural Genesis and John B. from Logos Nutritionals for supporting this community in so many ways. Congratulations to John B. on getting the winning bid for the work of art painted by our very Ellen of Troy.

So don't forget to listen to this call whether you were able to attend or not. It is definitely worth hearing!!

God Bless,

Donna M

10:24:10 AM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

WOW, is the first word that comes to my mind when assessing the first ever AUCTION for those being supported by the HE CURES ALL FOUNDATION.

It was a great call! Our attendance MATCHED our highest attended call ever. Every person had an opportunity to bid on the BEAUTIFUL piece of art.

It was WONDERFUL to have John B from LOGOS and Cathee from Natural Ginesis here with us for our first ever AUCTION.

The audience loved hearing Bill M. talk, and it was fantastic that Donald knew and could describe the area the painting depicted.

It was also kind of Ellen to send a note since she couldn't be there.I will be FOREVER GRATEFUL, for your willingness to PAY IT FORWARD, thank you from all of us!!!

Ultimately, John B presented the highest bid. Cheryl was glad the painting went to John B, since he not only loved it, but it also had great significance to him in what it represented. The picture stirred up good childhood memories for him.

I would be remiss if I did not mentioned a SURPRISE DONATION from a person wishing to remain anonymous, from halfway around the world.
(MEL SAYS, "Don't go surfing there. They've got big sharks.")


God bless you all,

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