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12:15:39 PM

Dear Jenny (and Claire)

I am sorry that your symptoms have returned. And I do feel for you both . I agree Jenny that at 19 it is awful for Claire to be going through this. It's good though that you're back here for support and help in getting well again!!

I'm glad to hear that Claire is getting coaching help from Mel and reading everything she can to help in the fight to get better. You go Claire!!!! , you will get there absolutely :-). Knowledge is indeed power.

We all want to help you both!!! Could you both come to the prayer call on a Sunday and say hello? We will be happy to pray with you and hold you both up as you go through this journey again. No one needs to be alone in this and we are all here alongside you both.

Take good care,
Rockin Robin

6:41:01 PM

Dear Jenny & Claire,

Hello!! I am Rockin Robin in the community and wanted to give you a warm welcome back and let you know we are here for you both!!

We all are at different stages in the healing journey, but we know a lot of the same symptoms and frustrations. Let us know if we can help in any way and post questions Claire if you have any.

Coaching with Mel will help tremendously and following the
" Sum Of The Parts ". Be diligent about the diet and you will see results.

Not glad your back because of the disease, but we love our brothers and sisters and welcome you back with open arms!!

I look forward to getting to know you both!! Attend the Sat. & Sun. calls, they are fantastic!!

Love & Hugs,
Rockin Robin

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