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5:58:33 PM

Hi Vel.

I really liked your post and it is always good to be reminded about what we can and should or shouldn't eat on our diet. There are so many great recipes here. I'm sad that summer is over because the farmers markets are about done.

Karen I liked your comparison of Human Bondage to our plight. I did
a term paper on this very book and got A++.

Thank you all for your posts. They are so interesting and helpful to so so helpful to so many.


8:13:22 AM


Thank you so much for your post.

It really encouraged me. And yes I found it to be so very true. I've got a long way to go, even though the morgellons is 80% healed per Mel, I am still very weak.

Like a weak child who got over a bad fever, but though the fever is gone they are weak and need to be nourished back to health.

I have no morgellons symptoms at the present though I was warned they would have a last hard stand.. Now I am continuing on to regain my health. It may take a while, so I will remember what you have said because it helps.

It is like I set my life aside to get healed, and it is people like you that help me along the way.

Thank you!

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