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8:15:40 AM

Morgellons -

Hello Mickey,

Reading your post was so encouraging! I want to thank you for sharing your story.

a fellow Morgellon's sufferer reaching full health is so inspiring and amazing to hear. It gives me hope that although my recovery has been very slow, I will get well eventually.

Hope for life after Morgellons is a beautiful thing. Life is full of so many amazing treasures and I feel like I have yet to begin my life!

Anyways, it is so lovely to hear that you are doing so well! I will pray that you maintain full and total healing!!


9:59:56 AM

Morgellons -

Thank you for your encouragement, Micky.

I'm glad that things are better for you and that you were able to share your experience.

It's definitely a good thing to not give up hope as you, Mel and others have said.



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