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Rockin Robin

1:18:34 PM

OOPS !!!!!!!!!

Mel came after me with his hockey stick and chased me around the block several times til he caught me!!!

Because..... I forgot to mention on the updated post about the contest to make sure your posts are about one of the below headings or titles and that your posts are posted under these headings/threads/ titles in the Forum.

1. Sum Of The Parts For Newbies
2. I Wish To Thank The Website
3. Posting On The Forum
4. The Top Ten Reasons To Join The Website And Become
A Part Of Our Community
5. Get To Know Nutrition To Better Feed Your Body

So... remember the 3 asterisks and the right subjects under the right headings/threads.

I can't say I'm ___________!! Or he'll come after me again!!

Don't forget, or he will be after you !!!!!!

Rockin Robin

10:21:08 AM


WOW, WOW, WOW, We are getting some fantabulous entries for the contest, even from newbies!!!!! I am really impressed you guys!!! I am going to have to try to up my game to even come close to competing with you guys!!! Way to go all of you!!! It is so....wonderful !!!!!

I bet Mel is thrilled!! Remember, to put the 3 asterisks by your title of the entry so we will know it is for the contest !! If you forgot, please tell Mel.

Love You Guys!!

See you there, to compare!!
Its your fate, set the date!!
They are all so good, SHOOT!, You just might win the LOOT!
C'mon and try to gett-her, cause FREE is always better!!
Gotta up my game for even a chance, To win and maybe do a happy dance!!

Remember deadline is June 24th at midnight, pacific time!!

Love & Hugs
Rockin Robin

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