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Brand New Contest

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Rockin Robin
10:16:19 AM

Morgellons - Brand New Contest

Dear Mel,

You mentioned the contest on Saturday and it was truly great. I love that our members care and love each other and voted to share with everyone!

If you missed the contest, you missed a good time. Please enter these contests, it really takes so little time and the rewards are always great, plus, we always have fun. Mel works so hard to get us these expensive and fabulous prizes from the manufacturers and sometimes even gives us prizes from his own stash!

Money is always so tight in my house, I have learned to value my Kleen Green, Sovereign Silver and WPS so much that I told my family not to get me anything for Christmas at all, but if they had too, I just wanted one or some of the above products.

So.....I truly appreciate winning them!! They are FREE and boy, howdy I love FREE!!!!!!

The next contest will probably be after Mel moves and gets settled. So when this happens, ENTER, ENTER, ENTER!!

Many have won when they didn't think they would and sometimes God blesses everyone with a prize. Like the time Cathee from Natural Ginesis loved everyone's entries in the contest for Kleen Green so much that she gave everyone that entered a Starter Kit (which is a BIG VALUE). That was truly amazing!!

So, you have nothing to lose and BIG gains to gain! It is so worth your time!

Thank You for the last contest Mel and Natural Immunogenics. Thank you for the wonderful prizes. May God bless you both warmly and richly!

Love & Hugs Everyone,
Rockin Robin

7:48:09 AM


I'm thankful for silver , with every Swiss and swallow I feel it cleansing me , I believe I'm gaining strength and health that where taken from me , as I fight to gain my health and life back it makes me confident that silver is a start I can't wait to be 100% and I know silver will have been a part of it.

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