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11:10:41 AM

Hello to Ava, Brenda, Desiree, Lise and Velara!!!!!

I am really sorry that you all have toxic disease, but I am glad that you have found us! You are in the right place I can sure you of that!!!

It is hugely important to have the support, the knowledge, the understanding and the camaraderie of fellow community members to help you all through!!

It has been great to hear so many newbies join our calls recently and actively take part.

Ava you are bright and bubbly ( despite this illness) and it is nice to hear you on the calls.

Brenda it's truly wonderful that you have now been accepted by the, 'Hcaf,' to get help with getting the protocol. Its just great to hear the happiness in your voice on the calls. And it truly is a blessing to all of us who are supported and helped by this tremendous organisation!!!

Desires, Lise and Velara it's been soo good to also hear you all on the calls recently!!! It really makes a difference taking part doesn't it! We all get to know each other and in doing so we can help each other through this. No one needs go through their healing journey alone.

Take care all of you and, 'keep on keeping on,' as the Mel man says :-).

Rockin Robin

4:08:52 PM

Dear Brenda,

Thank you for responding. Wow!! your new and making great posts!!! Way to go girl!! Plus, I felt moved by your thank you to the HCAF! It really touched me!!

Mel, this website, and the community are very close to my heart. Its purpose is to help others who suffer and spread healing which I also feel called to do !!

So glad your here sweet sister! Stay involved, it helps a lot!! And, not just for you, but others will benefit from your posts and sharing!!

You will be in my prayers!!

Love & Hugs,
Rockin Robin

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