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Bulletproof Diet

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8:46:57 AM

Morgellons -

Thanks Ruth Ann for showing off your garden again, I’m so proud of you and I’m absolutely jealous! ;-)

Everything you’ve mentioned sounds so good and I can’t wait to someday make my chicken chili again, as I miss it so much!!

I’d love to encourage everyone to sticking with a clean strict diet so you can regain your strength & it help ease up some of your symptoms. Critical for healing.

Please be sure to share some recipes & show off some of your favorites in the delicious dining section!

Listed below in the beginning of this thread is the bulletproof diet, but I’ll bring up a list of all nutritional information that’s helpful for our diet.


Ruth Ann
8:54:54 AM

Morgellons -

This Bullet Diet is basically the way I eat and have for several years. I eat chicken, hamburg. occasionally steak,
salmon, fish all wild caught. No processed food and organic as much as I can get. No sugar either only stevia.

I eat all kinds of salads & vegetables since I have a garden that I grow them in and strawberries.

I also eat organic oat meal from Bob's Red Mill and occasionally the pancake recipe on the website.

I occasionally make chicken chili & other soups and use some spices. I do use tomatoes and
white beans in the chili though and green chili relish.

Non of this has caused me any problems but I have been on the protocol for 3 years. Mel says I have Lyme
disease also. I am probably done with Morgellons and am now dealing only with the Lyme.

The reason it has taken me this long is because I have other medical issues, and my husband passed away
last October unexpectedly, I had covid & was in the hospital for very low salt content. I am much better now but it has taken me several months to get here and I had cataract surgery last week and am still tired from the
anesthetic but am better. At 80 yo it takes longer to get over things. I am grateful to God for helping me
through all this. Ruth Ann

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