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Karianne & Joe

11:17:47 PM

People, I'm telling you... these videos are a must-have for you and anyone close to you that isn't going through this hell of toxic disease suffering. My wife and I have used these videos as a 'tool' with our loved ones so they at least get an understanding of what MD is. The commentary on Smart Dust in the air and corresponding videos on MyPatriotsNetwork - UNBELIEVABLE!

Everyone, these videos and readings are so short and to the point of MD. No horror stories, no ulterior agendas being pushed... just direct information of what this stuff is really made up of and how/why it gets into our bodies and battles our immune system.

And worth mentioning again - this site and videos linking to what Mel's Protocol is all about helping us sufferers is what drove the number of new members and page views we've seen this year. It truly is UNBELIEVABLE!

Here's a direct link to the source on MyPatriotsNetwork:

Bless you all!

6:23:08 PM

Unbelievable! Wow,

If you have not taken the time to watch the 3 videos in the thread " Unbelievable ", you are missing some really great information about MD. I found them to be extremely informative.

We have people from over 107 counties from around the world coming to this website. So MD is most definitely all over the world.

Mel has worked hard to provide help and information to many countries around the world. Thank you Mel for all of your hard work and dedication for making all of this possible.

God Bless,

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