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2:55:11 PM

Hi Leigha,

As you will notice below, 2 of your posts that you were creating new threads for, have been posted to this first thread you started instead.

When you post asking questions or giving your progress, continue to post under this thread and under the name of Leigha. That will avoid confusion and enable others in the community to know that it is you posting, and to follow your journey.

I am sorry to read that you are continuing to have lesions in your eyes and problems with your scalp.

When you say that you have lesions in your eyes, do you mean that you have actual sores that are visible in your eyes?

I noticed you mentioned that you are going to make an appointment with your eye doctor, and you wondered what you should tell him. It is probably best not to tell him anything, except that you are having problems with your eyes, and show him if you have any visible sores. There might be several reasons a person has lesions in their eyes, so it is probably best to let him examine your eyes and tell you what he thinks is causing your problem.

If you are sure the eye lesions are Morgellons related, you might want to try putting a couple of drops of Sovereign Silver in your eyes each day. I try to put a couple of drops of silver in my eyes once or twice a day. The silver works very well to soothe my eyes, stop them from itching, and make them feel better overall.

Do you have any Sovereign Silver or know what the bottle looks like? It is important that you get the right kind of silver. To see what the bottle of silver you need to buy looks like, click on "Mel's Protocol" link at the top of the page, under the mountains.

Once you are on Mel's Protocol page, scroll down until you come to "Sovereign Silver - Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol - 10 ppm". There you can read about the silver, and the instructions on how to order it from the manufacturer. Be sure to use the discount code given if you order from the manufacturer.

Amazon and some other websites sell Sovereign Silver as well, so you can order from one of those sites instead of the manufacturer if you like.

As for your question about where to find Xylitol, I googled "buy Xylitol" and it is for sale online at Amazon, WalMart, and some other places.

I don't know if you went back and looked at your posts after they had posted to the forum, but it is very important to do that. Sometimes Mel will add helpful notes to a post before he puts it on the forum.

On your 2/28 post, Mel put a note under the picture telling you to put "eyes" in the Search Engine. He also asked you to come to the Saturday conference calls and learn that restoration comes from within.

Mel also wrote a note to you at the bottom of your 3/5 post, which you posted in the thread, "Itchy Eyes and Xylitol", again asking you to put the word "eyes" in the Search Engine.

To find the Search Engine, look again at the top of the page under the mountains, and you will see a link that says "Search Engine". Click on that link. When that page comes up, put whatever you want to search in the box, such as "eyes", "scalp hair", "Jason's", or "dandruff".

Put as few words as possible in the Search Engine. If you add words like "a", "and", or "the", you will get results for those words as well. That will cause you to have to wade through a lot of unnecessary results.

There are a lot of links at the top of the page that will take you to different areas of the website when you click on them. It is a good idea to take a few minutes to read all of of those links.

Looking at the links, you will notice one for "More Communications". Donna mentioned that link below. Information on upcoming conference calls are posted there, as well as recordings of recent calls. You can see the same information by clicking on the forum thread, "More Communication is Better".

Jason's Dandruff Shampoo that you asked about is mentioned on the forum in two threads:

1. jason dandruff shampoo

2. Monica, do you have any helpful hints for getting the purging junk out of hair?
4/9/14 post by Jul

Jason's Tea Tree Shampoo and Jason's Lavender Shampoo are mentioned in the following thread:

Scalp lesions
1/27/10 post by gigi

I found those by using the Search Engine to search "Jason's" and "dandruff".

Concerning the cold water and alcohol, you don't want to pour alcohol over your hair. You have to be very careful with alcohol. The correct alcohol to use is 91%, and you put it in a spray bottle. (Only use alcohol if it doesn't irritate your scalp.)

After you pour cold water over your head (whether it be from the sink, or refridgerator if the water in your sink is not cold enough), towel dry your hair. Then, spray some alcohol on your hair and comb it. Make absolutely sure to keep the alcohol far away from your eyes and don't breath it in.

I noticed you mentioned in one of your posts that you were taking a lot of baking soda. Please google "baking soda" and see what the recommended amount is that a person should be taking each day. You don't want to cause harm to yourself with anything you do.

Click on "Guiding Principles" at the top of the page. Look at the list and you will notice, "First, do no harm". That is a very important principle to remember!

Try to get on the protocol as soon as you can, but until then there are very helpful things you can do. For instance, you need to eat properly, drink a lot of water, and get plenty of rest.

Put "diet keto" in the Search Engine and you will get a lot of results for healthy, acceptable things to eat. You will also get a lot of information on the keto diet.

Click on "Tips for Beginners" at the top of the page. There is a link in that thread to download a very nice booklet, containing all kinds of information that will be helpful to you. You can save the booklet to your computer, or you can print it out to keep nearby.

There is a great recipes thread, "Delicious ideas for your Dining enjoyment / recipes 2019-2016".

Be sure to return Mel's calls. If you send him emails asking him questions but don't return his calls, you are missing out on the answers to those questions, as well as a whole lot of other information.

I hope this post has been helpful to you, and that you are feeling better soon.

God bless,


2:53:43 PM


Hey Heyy ya'll wonderful people
Im curious if any of yall have tried the Jason Dandruff shampoo? I watched a YouTube video on it, and the guy said since it has colloidal sulpher in it, it's really great for morgellons.. Anyone tried it?

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