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9:59:44 AM

Hi, Leigha.

I am the queen of hair problems, trust me. I haven’t had normal hair since 2016. I once had truly beautiful hair, but after some hair loss and a severe texture change, I had to accept that I would need to heal the internal part of me before the external part of me got better. Mel is 100% correct, even though that may be frustrating to hear again.

Your body will protect your internal organs at all cost. Hair is disposable, meaning that the body doesn’t absolutely need it for survival.

In the meantime, it certainly helps to find a haircut that you can manage. I have found that longer haircuts create more issues. I have a great hairdresser who has figured out how to cut it into a pixie. Am I thrilled to have shorter hair? Not particularly. However, it is what it is.

In addition, I have gone through countless shampoos and conditioners and wasted so much money that I’d hate to see the cost all added up. Different products have worked for different people, meaning that the products either help or don’t help you to manage your particular hair while you are getting better. No product is going to take away all the biofilm that tends to wrap around the hair shaft, which I truly believe is the problem. The biofilm will go away when you are healthy, as it has for people who regained their health.

You can always type “hair” into the search engine, and you can read the plethora of ideas that people, including myself have tried.

Many people have found success with shampoo and conditioner you can purchase from Natural Ginesis. Washing in warm water (just enough to open the pores) and rinsing in cold water (as cold as you can stand) definitely helps. You want to avoid hot water on your hair and scalp.

Everyone who has hair issues wants that magic bullet, including myself. The reality is this, though: the only magic bullet is restoring your health. It’s really sad that this disease often takes away women’s hair, which is so much a part of our identities.


4:05:48 PM

I have a few new questions,

I've tried several things with my hair.. I've done the ice treatment, used the Dr. brothers over and over... I've tried the Jason, I've tried everything, I've spent soooo much money on hair treatments.

Mel Says(Spending money on topical treatments never has seemed to worked.You must restore your Bio terrain and then your hair comes back.Many have had this challenge and it's a good subject to bring to A Saturday conference call or a Sunday morning fellowship time, during prayer Meeting!

Imagine where you could be if you spent that money on the protocol, Which I think you forgot to mentioned that you are not on the protocol!!!)

I just want my hair back. I don't want to cut it, but this is literally so obvious in public and to everyone... Any other suggestions

Mel Says (Spend more time within the community if you ever wish HCAF assistance,)

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