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Checking In !

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Rockin Robin
10:20:01 AM

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Dear Donald,

Hey guy! Your 3 professions are all good ones. Is that picture really you with the fish? WOW!! What kind of fish do you catch? I love fish and had all kinds of great recipes for fish entrees. Baked fish with wonderful toppings!

This one I still make. Salmon or Cod, really any kind of fish.
Mix: Avocado Mayo, lemon juice, lemon pepper, garlic, onion powder, and paprika in a bowl (amounts to your taste). Spread over the filets and then top with a generous amount of crushed almonds. delicious!

Farmer or Fisherman can't be beat. You'll never go hungry!
Miss you brother!!
Keep safe and happy!

God Bless!
In His Love,
Rockin Robin

12:13:38 PM

Morgellons - Checking In !

Hi Donald!!

I am so glad you’re checking in and the pics you’re sharing are great! Oh my look at all that garlic, it has got to be good, you’ll have to learn to can the garlic cloves or use some with you’re tomatoes for a pasta sauce! (I am a bit jealous of your tomatoes!)

Have you ever eaten any fried green tomatoes??? I absolutely love them and can’t wait to eat them again someday, as they’re so addicting!

Adorable little bunny too!

Take of yourself Donald.

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