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9:39:53 AM

I'm just beginning this Journey this rainy December day.

I almost had to be hospitalized, but my son and grand children kept me going. Is it true everyone in the home gets this.

Mel Say's it might appear that way because of your circumstance, but that's not normally the case!

I see signs in my son diagnosed with Autism but he has no complaints. My 3 yr old granddaughter has all the symptoms symptoms I have. What can I do for her?

Mel Suggest that you read this entire thread to learn that children are much easier to restore than adults, then let go of anxiety related to worrying about the children. We can Discuss this as well on Sunday or set up a time this week.

Hope this helps.

God bless,

8:50:27 AM
follow the suggestion from this angel and if you need me I am here!

Hi lio,

I am very sorry that your child is ill, but I want you to know that you have every reason to be hopeful that he will regain his health.

Please scroll down to Mel's 4/19/17 post.

There you will find 2 past conference calls on the topic of Children and Morgellons. You can listen to both calls right there without having to go to another page.

If you have any further questions, please send Mel an email at with your phone number included. He will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

God bless.


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