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Nancy S.

9:36:03 AM

Why Critical is Coaching!

It's five Stars plus!

Without it it will take a lot longer, be a lot more painful and you don’t get to the real truth! You can also get information from the wrong places like I did years ago! You think maybe this might help but it only makes things a lot worse!

As they say get it from the horse’s mouth! Someone that has been there and God choose to heal and led him to help anyone and Mel does!
He is there for you and will help you understand. Mel takes the fear away that was a major part of my healing. Knowing he is there for all things! It takes all three people God, Mel and you working together, with the sum parts!

Coaching is a must to get it right and do no harm to yourself. Mel understands he has been there and well for over 12 years no better person to help then someone who got well!

As time goes by he helps you find the inner peace we need and understanding! He can tell just by the sound of your voice.

Thank God for Mel and Mel’s love for mankind!

So get that coaching!!!!! You will be glad you did!

Rockin Robin

12:02:44 AM

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick note to remind you how critical coaching is to your getting completely well !!! All along our healing journey different symptoms come up, questions about so many different aspects of this disease come up and there is only one person who is truly an expert on this disease...Mel !!

With over 12 years of experience in leading people to wellness,... many, many people, he does have the answers and his advice is invaluable. He will lead you step by step in all the things you must do to achieve wellness!!

Don't forsake coaching!! it is essential to getting well !!

He is the least expensive $ expert/holistic practitioner.
( He knows more than the doctors about this disease )

People that follow his advice, DO RESTORE THEIR HEALTH !!

So if you have not signed up for coaching, please do yourself a favor and get a life-saving service.....Get Coaching!!!!

From One Who Knows,
Love You All,
Rocking Robin

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