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Dodie & Kipp

3:25:39 PM

Kipp and Dodie here (newbies). We are (oldies) in Christ.

Hey, first thing.
I hope you will join us in crying out to God for complete eradication or Covid for Robin. We believe she will completely recover and fast. Thank you God!

This is our first post. Dodie and I have been Christians forever, but, we met 15 years ago and our Christianity has really taken off. We lead an off-road club at our church that we started about 8 years ago where we go experience Gods amazing landscaping skills and a bit of fellowship and praising the Lord.

Then, It was someone else’s idea to start a "small group” or Bible study group inside of our Jeep Club. I resisted for a while since it sounded like a bit much or Jesus Freaky to me. But God pushed. Now we are leading a Bible study every other week and we really dive into the amazing grace and power of Jesus Christ and his followers.
We will not be leading those studies for a few months.

We also have compromised Immune systems. Me with my psoriasis and Dodie with her fibromyalgia. Therefore, we contracted the symptom of Morgellons.
We are 1.5 weeks into Mels Protocol and try to talk with him every other day because we have a million questions.

But, our life is based on God our Father and his Son Jesus Christ. We ain't perfect but we are giving it a shot.

We will not be attending our local church for a while. This is the one that we helped get started here in town and where Dodie helped to get the Choir going where there are now around 4000 members.

Sunday Prayer with this group is amazing. I can feel the presence of the Lord when we are all online as I hear it in peoples voices. The reason why this can become the best 2 hours of your week is the POWER. When I listen to all the opening prayers, I feel it in my heart. God is with this group and I try to listen to every word. Inspiring and Powerful!!

When Dodie and I walk the dog that is a twenty minute super prayer. Sometimes yelling at the devil and rebuking this damned disease and we also literally Cry Out to Got for help and healing. We will continue to take communion everyday and if any of you would like to know more about that, please contact us.

We also end everyday in prayer as we pray for healing for all of You and for us.
Then we pray for the rest of the people that God has placed on this earth.

Sunday Prayer has become a great addition for us. Thank You

Greetings from beautiful Colorado, this is Dodie. I just want to say how grateful we are for these prayer sessions with all of you! I feel the deep love, faith & hope you have in Jesus Christ!! When I was listening to the prayers & scripture readings from each of you, it was like I was listening to Angels talking to me! I have had much Trauma in my past, but have to say this ordeal we all are fighting through takes the cake! I know through are Sunday Church session, God is listening intently & hears are every cry out to him!

As mentioned last Sunday, “By The Blood of Jesus Christ we are healed!!!!! I just want to say I love my new Christian Brother’s & Sister’s & I thank God for you!

I think next Sunday Mel should sing us a hymn

Love, Kipp & Dodie

Kipp Kette

Sunday Prayer and Fellowship 09-05-21

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