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Condo Kryptonite

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5:47:01 PM

Thanks Karen for the update! Praying for Mel and the lady that owns the place she really needs to step up and do the right thing!!!

Nezhla Sanderson
7:59:56 PM

Morgellons -

Hi Karen and All,

I am praying for Mel. That is certainly a surprise that the mattress and interior were not as described and that it is not a comfortable living space or even safe. I pray that God provides a special place for Mel stat!

We are all here to support and I understand that he needs time off to sort this out. God is in the details and will not let him down and the community will also stay strong. I keep you all in my prayers, as well and trust that God's grace be with everyone this week and next.

I look forward to speaking with you all on another Saturday call and Sunday prayer when they get rolling again. Until then, see you on the forum.

Best wishes,


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