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9:07:13 AM
Do not forget your food Journal! Click the picture

Good Morning Everyone and Welcome,

This most recent request for a call on diet has been made many times over our twelve year history.

As mentioned in last weeks coffee tea with me on Saturday Diet is essential in recovery!

We suggested that everyone read the articles in articles and diet on diet, to have a better understanding of why we suggest certain foods and ask you to eliminate certain foods!!

Continue in this section and read about the early days of the evolution of what is today's Dietary suggestions.

There have also been many conference calls on diet in the past to hear them and find a great deal of other information on diet, just put diet in the search engine, and get even more KNOWLEDGE!!!

Now you will be better prepared for our next call on diet, It should take four to six weeks read this information to get caught up on the diet from the beginning to now. It's an investment in your own restoration, please do the work.

With all of this being said I am happy to announce a coffee tea with me on DIET on Saturday February 13th.

Remember it's your lives, do the work and make it easier on yourselves.

God bless you all,

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