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Conference call with John Burgstiner

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5:40:08 PM

Morgellons -

Absolutely agree Freddie, a fantastic call.

Much love, gratitude and respect to John and everyone else in attendance.

Freddie X
5:40:08 PM

Morgellons -

What a great conference call this Saturday, with our guest speaker John Burgstiner from Logos There were plenty of questions from the members with John answering all of them. John mention about new products and spoke in more detail about the products we with Toxic disease take, this was found to be very interesting to our members. I for one often forget how each product helps our system to gain wellness and how others fight our disease, this conference is well worth listening to again.

Thank you, John for taking the time out of your day to talk to us and with helping us tackle this disease safely, this means such a lot to us all.

Mel as always, a big thanks to you, for all the time you spend organising such interesting calls.

Freddie x

Coffee, Tea with Me 10-10-20

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