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Conference with Cathee

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9:53:36 AM
Morgellons - Conference with Cathee

Hi Freddie,

Thank you for giving us an overview of Saturday's call with Cathee.

Cathee is one of my very favorite people that Mel gets to come on the conference calls from time to time because she is such a knowledgeable, kind, and patient lady. She always has something interesting and useful to teach us and she takes the time to thoughtfully answer our questions.

Not to mention that Cathee's company is Natural Ginesis, which sells absolutely terrific products.

Cathee also kindly gives us a discount on her products when we use the discount code MORG15. I think that applies to all Natural Ginesis products except for the Toxic Disease Starter Kit, which is already discounted a lot more than 15%.

I was not able to attend the call Saturday, but no doubt like many others, I do plan on listening to the recording. So, thank you again for an overview of the call.

God bless,


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