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Congratulations Joe & Karianne

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10:45:36 AM

Morgellons - Congratulations Joe & Karianne

Congratulations Joe & Karianne!

I am so happy for you. What a blessing! I am so glad to hear she turned out healthy! She is beautiful.

I was just wondering if you can still take your drops while you were pregnant? I heard that having a baby heals you. Can you tell me what all you did while you were pregnant as far as meds and your drops? I really want to have another baby but I don't know how much time I have left so just wondering if it would be ok for me to.



Rockin Robin
8:20:30 AM

Morgellons - Congratulations Joe & Karianne

Dear Karianne & Joe,

Congratulations on sweet little Delilah Rose. I know she is your joy right now and I cannot express how much joy she will bring you in the future. I am fortunate enough to have a daughter and both my son and daughter have brought so much joy in my life! They have my heart no matter their ages. They will always be my babies!

Congrats and good wishes for all those beautiful and memorable moments and times to come!

My love to you three,
Rockin Robin

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