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Congratulations on 15 Years!

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1:43:57 AM

Morgellons -

Hi John W.,

Wow! Fifteen years of faithfully working with Mel on the technical side of this website. Congratulations!

You have truly been a blessing to Mel, and to the entire community.

The technical side of any website is a major part of it. It's impossible to have much of a website if it doesn't work correctly.

Thank you so much for all of your hard work over the years. Thank you for all you have contributed to this community by keeping the technical side of this beautiful, fantastic website running smoothly.

God bless,


John W.
1:44:31 AM

Morgellons -

It seems only yesterday that I got a call introducing me to Mel and the start of his online community. I'm glad I jumped at the chance to help and be part of the journey. We all know Mel by now, he can be a pain in the ass and is a stickler for detail. Though this is one of the key things that's made this community work. He has a huge heart and really just cares about helping people get better.

Further, I know he appreciates what I do behind the scenes to keep the technical side of the running. Further, he takes care of me and knows I get pulled in different directions taking care of kids and always asks how they are and how I am doing. In short, I'm glad to know him and glad that he trusts me to help on this most important resource.