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Freddie Bean

1:36:20 PM

....Hear hear Tea, so very kind of the people that donate the prizes and to Mel for putting on these contestS, what a wonderful fun site we have x

I just love competitions, makes you think and takes your mind off other things, This was the hardest one so far and my head hurt with all the thinking I was doing...but it paid off.... just remember..

Winning isn't everything it's the only thing!!! ;)

Oh dear I must stop saying that otherwise I might get barred!

Freddie x

5:45:28 PM
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Hello Everyone!!

I want to graciously thank everyone involved that made these items available!! Although this contest was a little tricky & difficult from previous ones, I still enjoyed it!!
Again, I’m so thankful for all who were involved! I cannot wait to receive these gifts and I can’t wait for the next battle! I want to encourage everyone to get involved because you just never know, it could be you! :-)

Blessings, Hugs & Love!!

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