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Edward Griffen, N.D.
8:45:39 AM

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Mel has always said!

Hello Mel,

Sorry for the delayed response as I tied up with several calls and trainings since we spoke.

In regards to the question, many people experience an increase in energy and relief of pain symptoms while some experience the fatigue and feel worse as part of the Jarish-Herxheimer or die-off reaction.

Copper can be a very powerful tool with parasites and fungal infections as well as supporting detox. In a population such as the one that you work with that has been sick for many years, opportunistic infections such as fungus and parasites, heavy metal toxicity, and environmental sensitivities are very common. As the copper start to work at these issues (especially parasites and fungus) the die off reaction can cause fatigue. This is why we suggest “low and slow” dosing of the copper and building up the dosage over time based on the individuals experience and how they are feeling.

I hope this helps to answer some of the concerns that are being brought up.

Edward Griffen, N.D.

Sr. Manager of Education

Natural Immunogenics

Kaharine Nyssen
8:47:40 AM

Morgellons -

Hello Everyone,

Is anyone else having trouble taking the copper, I have been so run down and tired taking this, even once a day?
I stopped yesterday and have so much more energy back and feel so much better.
Would appreciate your feed back.
God Bless!

Thank You,

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