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COPPER....A very welcome find!

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10:02:41 AM


Hi Nancy,

I hope you continue on your incredible journey of healing.
Nice to hear from you!!!!
Keep posting


Oh by the way, The Protocol Ain't Proper, If You Don't Take Your Copper!!!

9:16:39 AM


Hurray for you Kelly!

I just told someone that the copper has really made a difference and has helped me get so much better that I feel better than before I got this horrible thing we are dealing with!

They say go for the gold well I say go for the copper!!!

Kelly from Mass
10:02:41 AM

Morgellons - The Protocol Ain't Proper, If You Don't Take Your Copper, Click The Picture
The Protocol Ain't Proper, If You Don't Take Your Copper, Click The Picture

Hello All,
I haven't written a post in forever, but this is worth writing about.

Mel contacted me a couple of months ago and asked if I was available to do a Saturday Conference Call some time. After choosing a date, Mel updated me on Copper, the latest addition to the protocol; so, I went on the site and read and listened to everything I could find about Copper. While listening to a Conference Call I learned that Copper can help with arthritis pain, which is something I've been struggling with for many years. I needed to try this! I ran out to my local Vitamin Shoppe store that very day and began taking it that night. I took 3 Tblspns for two days, and by day three, I said to my husband, "I don't want to jinxs myself, but my pain has gone from unbearable to manageable"! I'm not exaggerating when I say I have tried everything, and have been to countless number of doctors, trying to relieve my pain, to no avail.

In late October 2022, I was forced to get the COVID vaccine, or risk losing my job. My husband and I hadn't had a vaccine since 2015, when we came down with symptoms of what would turn out to be Morgellons. I was terrified, but I needed an income, and my husband needed an important eye surgery, which they would not do unless he was vaccinated.
After getting the vaccine we both started not feeling well, and by late November, we agreed that our symptoms were very similar to Mogellons/Lyme symptoms. I started taking Sovereign Silver, we both tightened up our diet, which was already very good, ever since we had Morgellons. We were hoping this was enough to knock out whatever it was in the vaccine that had effected us.
We felt slight improvements, but nothing substantial, until I began taking the Copper for my arthritis pain. The third day on the Copper, I began to herx, and was purging all types of stuff from my face and head! To say this was shocking to me is an understatement. Then it all made sense; the vaccine put something in our systems that we could not handle because we are toxic disease sufferers. I was so excited by the two benefits I received from the Sovereign Copper, that I had to let Mel know. He confirmed that I should continue the copper, and he advised that my husband start taking copper and Complete Thymic Formula.

I wanted to share this with all of you because knowledge is power, and if my experience on this site has taught me anything, it is that sharing is caring, and I do, and always will, care about everyone who is fighting to recover.

All my best!
Kelly from Mass

PS Talk with you all this coming Saturday 3/11/23