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1:16:18 PM

Hi Chrissie.

I hope all is well.

As of this week I'm down to just a little over half a pill as compared to 2 pills per day. Putting the pill that I cut the half off in a capsule helps a lot. Also a lot of digestive enzymes and eating small meals more often. If I eat too much or eat something I cant digest I'm sick or not eating at all isn't good either.

I've gotten through graduation party and family reunion without too much trouble.

I am feeling like I have a little more energy as well.

I'm grateful to be here with all of you and have gotten the information I needed to learn how bad PPIs are for you. I wouldn't have known and just kept blindly taking them.

I'm also blessed to have such wonderful friends.

Take care Everyone and thank you Chrissie for your kind and caring words



3:09:44 PM

Dear Linda,

I'm really glad that you are managing to cut way back on your Omepazarole stomach meds. You go girl!!!!!!! It won't be long till you have cut them out altogether!!

I remember a conference call with John B saying how bad they are for people. And with 80% of the immunity being in the gut and with many of us having leaky gut issues, it's so important to heal the gut isn't it!! Your on your way :-).

It's great that you have the protocol helping you! There are great meds in there for healing the gut, like the essential flora (probiotics) and the essential digestion with its enzymes, herbs and preobiotics.

So good also that the chiropractor has been helping you too. And that you have been able to work because of the protocol helping you. As long as you pace yourself my dear and dont work too many hours.

It's really nice that you live in a pleasant place, that's peaceful and quiet. That's soo important isn't it. That's cool there's lots of fresh veg that you can buy locally too.

Its so good that your granddaughter has graduated and she is talented at art and will go to college. I wish her well and I hope she will be happy there!!You have done such an excellent job bringing her up alone. I know it's not been easy for you in many ways. But great to see her going to college soon, all because of all your hard work and love and care!!

I know you will get used to living alone, it will just take a wee bit of time. And you can focus on what you need for a change and give yourself a bit of TLC! The cats will keep you company, though Dandy will still drive you nuts with her attention seeking escapades!! The wee monkey that she is :-).

Take care my friend,
Love Chrissie

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